Thank you for dropping by!

The reason for this site is all the amazing, supportive people I have around me – that have changed my life by their generosity to share their personal life/success stories, their thoughts and mindset with me.

I will never be able to thank you enough (you know who you are!) Because of your support, I’ve been able to create a life with a freedom I never thought was possible for a “normal” person like me. I simply just want to pass on what they have given me, to those who are interested.

The reason for doing something “different” started for me with my passion for travelling. I had a burning desire to be free from the “rat-race”, to be my own boss and designe my life. So I decided to take control, and made a plan for my life, vs only planning 2-4 weeks of holiday once a year, and then to leave the rest of the planning for someone else… My life, my plan!

If I can positively impact ONE person by sharing my story, my thoughts, mindset & what inspire me, together with my lifestyle, business and passion for travelling  – I’m satisfied.  I believe that if you change your mindset, you are able to change your life – and create exactly what you want.

Feel free to get in contact – Always nice to get in touch with like minded people <3 Berit