Are people telling you you can’t do it?

When I started my own business, people around me started telling me what I should and should not do. Have the same thing happend to you? Are they:
-Telling you that what you want will never happend?
-Telling you it is a huge risk, that you will loose money?
-Telling you that you’re just another out of so many trying, and it’s a very small chance you will make it?
-Telling you that it’s just a scham?
-Telling you that your naive for believing?
-Telling you you can’t do it?

People are telling you this because they mean well, so don’t get upset with them – just see it as a sign that they care about you! BUT: Who you deside to listen and take advises from, is up to you.

I have one rule, one question for myself before I take advises from anyone:
– Does this person have the kind of life and freedom that I want?
If the answer is no (which it happens to be a lot of times) I’ll just take what the person is saying as a well ment advise, but I’m not going to LISTEN to it.
In my case: I want financial freedom, I want a life without any loans or debt, I want an extraordinary life, I want to travel and be free – If I talk with a person that is stuck in a job he/she hates, has a huge loan/debt, and never travels or have the other things I want in my life, and this person tries to tell me what to do – Why would I EVER listen to and take advises from this person???

If you start asking yourself this question, you’re in control over who impacts you.

If I had listened to all the people trying to give me their “good” advises a few years back – I would have missed out on:
-Quitting my 9-5, Monday-Friday job
-Having my own business
-Moving back to Australia
-Having the freedom to work and travel
-Being on my way to become financial free
-Meeting HUNDREDS of new, amazing people
-Getting a better health, less stress
-Getting a positive attitude and mindset
-Helping others and making a difference
…and they told me I would loose..?
Be careful Who you deside to listen to and take advises from.. If you believe you can do it, you can.
– Berit


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