Be a Tim..

I really don’t understand why everyones trying SO HARD to fit in and to be liked and accepted. Everyone wants to look the same, be the same and do the same??
If you’re happy doing that, thats ok, keep doing what you’re doing!
But so many are not, and still, they continue on with their lives doing the same day in and day out. Why? I guess because that’s just what everyone else does, right 😉 ? Hehe

It’s a bit funny, but I find it sad at the same time. People stay unhappy just to please others. To fit in.

Whatever you do in life, people will judge you ANYWAY! People will always mean something about you, and what you’re doing. Or what you’re NOT doing. Doesn’t matter, it will always be SOMETHING about you. Or if there is nothing about you, people will most likely make something up to have something to talk about.

The last year I have learned that if you want to be happy, you have to stop pleasing others – and do what you want and what is right for you.
Be a Tim – Don’t give a shit 😉 And be happy! :)

– Berit

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