I Challenge YOU!

imageWe are all humans, and the fewest of us wake up feeling Super empowered and happy every single morning (or, at least tha’ts not what’s happening for me every day..) So why does it seem like some people are always happier and more satisfied then others??

It all comes down to your thoughts. ONE positive thought can change your whole day.
This doesn’t happend by itself. You have to DESIDE. Not only once a month, or once a week – You have to deside EVERY MORNING, EVERY SINGLE DAY: whatever feeling you wake up with, you’re going to turn it around into something great.

Start Now! Deside that today will be great. Deside that today, you’re going to feel happy and grateful. Deside that you will block all the negativity away so it doesn’t come in your way for you to have a great day. If you meet any naysayers – Instead of letting their negativity impact you – try to impact them instead! Pass on your positive energy! Maybe today, you will not only make your day great, you might even make someone elses day great aswell!:)

This is easier said then done – I know – but it’s possible, and the more you practise this, the less energy it takes to do it. So, what is a good way to get started doing this..?

For me, it’s easier to turn my days around when I start the day with something that gives me energy.

imageThe best way to start the day for me is to watch the sunrise.
It makes me feel alive, it makes me feel grateful for everything I have in my life, and it makes me feel powerful.. It helps me deside, whatever feeling I woke up with, that this day, is going to be AMAZING! (How can it not be, when watching sunrise with my new mate 😉 All pictures are from Koh Lipe, Thailand!)


Write down what gives you energy, what makes you happy – and do that for 10-15 minutes, every single morning this upcoming week – and see what happens when you start off the day with good thoughts :)

– Berit

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