Sometimes it’s good to just let go..

Have you thought about this before? Is it your left brain or right brain that is more dominant? Shaping who you are, your personality and your life?

What does it mean? “left” or “right”?
– Left-brain people are more systematic and organized. They want to be in control, they love the familiar and to feel “safe”.
– Right-brain people are more creative and open minded. They are passionated, want to have fun and have a free spirit!

I believe that it’s good to have the left brain there (haha ofcourse..) BUT I do also believe if you can let go of some of that “Always in control” part, of always have to be systematic, organized and logical – you’re life will change.

Personaly, I think I been fighting between these two my whole life. I love to be creative, free and I’ve always had a lot of ideas – but I have had a “problem” with my left brain – I have always wanted EVERYTHING to be perfect. Example:
– Since I started school, even since primary school – we used to get text books with grey paper. I HATED these books and I always made sure, in one way or the other, that I would get myself a different book then my classmates – a book with WHITE paper. And I hated to write with a pencil, I always wanted a pen because it looked nicer and cleaner. It started with just “I want a pen” – then it went to “I want a black pen”. I would not write in my white book if I did not have a black pen… And If I made ONE mistake when taking notes in my white paged book, with my black pen – I would not use correction fluid like other people – I would tear out the page and start over again (yes, also if I had wrote down the whole page.. AND on the back of the page..) Since primary school and up to High school – I did this.
– All the work I’ve done – I have ALWAYS Criticized myself, and there has always been things I could have done better or different. I have never told myself that: “hey, this was actually pretty goood!”

The last few years I’ve been working a lot with my mindset, and I’ve realised these “perfection” thoughts I’ve had, have been holding me back a lot and are actually very exchausting! I have always “knew who I am” – and if you are like this, you will never grow because you’re holding on to the past, and who you used to be.

SO I desided to start to LET GO!! Why? I wanted a change in my life.
It’s been a challenge, to write with a red pen in my schedule.. haha!!! – nah, that’s a joke, but It’s been hard for me to stop trying to make everything perfect, and to let go of the thoughts about who I am (used to be), so I could start to grow as a person. But day by day it gets easier and easier – and right now I feel I’m in control over my mind!

The feeling of letting go of parts of the left-brain has given me a different life. More freedom, flexibility, better thoughts and more confident about myself and the work I’m doing (I actaully think the work I do is pretty awesome, haha!) and this was something that I was never satisfied with before!! Less drama, less stress. Changing my mindset and seing things from a different perspective has open up my mind for opportunities I didn’t even know existed! I have learned to understand other people better, and others actions. I have started to feel more grateful, positive and happy, about everything I have, my family, friends, my health, my life and opportunities I’ve been given. I have stared to grow as a person, caring more about others, and genuinely want to make an impact and difference in others people lives (yes this became a bit clishe, but it is what it is..)
I have faced a lot of challenges the last few years, and by doing that I now know I can handle anything – and because of this I have opened up to receive whatever the world brings on, and I’m ready to face it! I feel free and more independed.
After starting to think like this, I’m actually excited about challenges and “problem” solving, and I need it in my everyday life so I can grow and have fun!!! I can NEVER EVER EVER go back to that “safe” enviroment I used to be in – I can’t even imagine doing that! I would be so bored and restless!!!!!
So happy right now and, even if it’s been work to change my thoughts – it’s been so worth it, and I would do it all over again if I had to! And will ofcourse I will keep growing from here :)

You can not change your thoughts and mindset over night – but time will pass by anyway so why not start today? When you start telling yourself something, over and over again – Sooner or later you brain will believe it, and it will become your reality, and who you are.

I’m so grateful for all of the people whos been guiding me through this, THANK YOU <3
…And if you’re reading this, and are one of those who feel that the “left-brain” are holding you back.. I suggest you make a decision, and start to let go..


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