Phuket, Thailand

I left Phi Phi Island last Saturday, and took a ferry over to Phuket. I’m currently at Patong Beach.

imageChillin on my balcony – Detoxing my skin while having a Kiwi Fruit Shake. I’m addicted to the Fruit Shakes here! LOVE IT
imageFor those who know me – You know I love dogs, and in Asia they are everywhere! Love to pet them, and they love when I do it 😉
imagePatong Beach – I think I’ve been spoiled with nice beaches the last few years. I like Patong, but I don’t LOVE IT. So if you’re going to Thailand, there are a lot of other beautiful places I would visit before going to Patong.


Lunch time at the beach. Getting some work done while waiting for my food :)

imageAnother Thailand Sunset <3 A bit cloudy, but still beautiful!

imageHope you all had a great day – if not, Another day is about to start, so make sure you make that one AWESOME :) -Berit

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