Back to KL

Back to KL after having a lot of fun in Thailand for Easter. Thailand has been amazing and I have absolutely found my favourite Island there – I’ll share it with you later!
On top of the beautiful beaches, sun, great food and culture, I Met up with a lot of friends from Norway that I havn’t seen for many years!


Kuala Lumpur is ok, but really, nothing special. Really hot, humid and no wind – and not really a lot to do. There are a lot of other places I would visit before going to KL if I had to choose. My reason for being here (AGAIN, actually the third time this year) is just to see a few friends, to work and relax a bit before my next destination :)
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imageAnd, before I left Thailand, I did something I should have done for a long time ago – DIVING! Been more then 4 years since my last Dive! The visibility was SHIT, saw nothing and it was cold, haha, but was SO MUCH FUN to dive again! :)
imageWe went out from a place close to Patong Beach, Phuket. It was 2000 bath for 2 dives, 1000 bath for equipment – And on a “normal” day, they say these spots are amazing for diving! Guess we just came on the wrong day…
imageSo whats next? I’m the worst on planning while travelling – I love the freedom I have to take it as I go, so havn’t booked the ticket for my next destination yet – But I know where I’m going, and will update you when I get there  -Berit

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