The best way to travel the world

What do you think is the best way to travel the world ?

After a lot of travelling, I have no doubt: Road trips. Rent a car, stop wherever you want, whenever it suits you. You can follow other routes than the typical tourists ones, and get an unique experience! I love road trips!
I just came back from a short road trip here in Australia, so just wanted to share some experiences and tips with you. If you come to Australia and you plan to visit any of the places below, you might get some ideas of what/where you can go if you keep reading.



I Include Sydney, where I currently live, as it’s one of the cities most people visit while being in Australia.
I Never get tired of this city – It’s always alive! Always things to do!
I love this spot and view of Circle Quay, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. It’s certainly worth a visit. Go for a walk around the Opera House and in to the Botanical Garden – or have dinner at the Opera Bar.

From Circle Quay you can catch a ferry to Manly, which I will say is Sydney’s surfing paradise. When I go there I feel like I’m on vacation.
Otherwise, The Rocks , located just off Circle Quay, is worth walking through. Have a drink at The Glenmore Hotel, incredibly cool place with rooftop dining, with views of the harbor.
Other places I think is worth seing (besides trudge your way through CBD, Chinatown and Hyde Park):
– Darling Harbour, where you find IMAX , the world’s largest cinema screen
– Oxford street & Surry Hills. Lots of small second hand shops, cafes, resturants, great food, pubs&bars. Go here for food and drinks! And Walk around to have a look at all the different terrace houses, I love how they are all so unique!
– Glebe is also cool, with a great vibe – Close to town but yet it’s different. Good cafes, bakeries & food. And check out the weekend markets if you’ve got time.

Then the “Obligatory” Bondi beach- Coogee beach coastal walk. Breathtaking..


For this trip, we (My mum, brother and I) flew from Sydney to Melbourn, and started the road trip from there.
Melbourne has a completely different pace and vibe than Sydney – It reminds a bit about Europe, with its style and culture. More at ease, things are quieter and less crowded.
The Picture below is taken from the Shrine of Remembrance, on st. Kilda Road – One of the largest memorials in Australia, for all men and woman that have served in war.

13278035_10156972256710164_465352689_nAside from road trips and driving, I love to walk when I’m in cities or places where I don’t know the area. Then you have the opportunity to find places that is not mentioned in tourbooks/city guides. Melbourne has a lot of small, unique and cosy cafes and bars, and you find them by WALKING around – I LOVE IT. One of the places we came across was “Two little pigs”, on Sydney Road, in Brunswick.
13293327_10156972256280164_1280967056_nI never take pictures of my food, but, OH MY GOD. This Breakfast made us come back for more the morning after: “Open Ciabatta” – Grilled halloumi, Olive oil confit red peppers, slow cooked eggplant, Avocado, spinach and house made Hommus. YUUUM. And the coffee was great!
13296041_10156972256365164_55312025_nWalking around in the CBD of Melbourne is great. Lots of small streets, things to see and cute coffee shops. (I’ve heard that the shopping is good aswell – I’m not a shopaholic, so you will have to read about that somewhere else..)
13289017_10156972256015164_2035553664_n 13282201_10156972256450164_2080765462_n

Then – St. Kilda. This place is amazing. It’s known for being cultural with a lot of history and landmarks. Great Markets, resturants and coffee places, and it’s the place where you find Melbourns most popular beach, St. Kilda Beach.

13288826_10156972256660164_2052832722_nI really recommend to go to St. Kilda around sunset time. These pictures are not even showing how beautiful it gets (as my phone died) – so, now you have to go to experience it yourself 😉
Walk out at St. Kilda Pier – You get a great view of the city, and the harbour even host a small penguin colony that you might be able to see! (YES I said Penguins. YES in Melbourne. hehe! Walk all the way out at the pier, past the Pavilion, to the rocks – that’s where they are.. It was very windy and cold when we were there, so we didn’t wait for them to come out – but I was in Melbourne for a few days back in 2011, and I waited. AND I saw them – SO CUTE!)
13281831_10156972255885164_1062718962_nAfter your walk, you can get a coffee, or a glass of wine (or both?) at one of the resturants right on the beach, with a view & sunset:)

Great Ocean Road & The Twelve Apostles – The road trip begins!

We rented a car with Jucy rentals, with pickup location Melbourne, drop off location Sydney – very simple: km and insurance included. We had the car for 6 days, which was a little to short as we drow from Melbourn – Adelaide – and all the way over to Sydney! …Anyway – it was fun AND we made it!

Starting off: 1.5 hours drive south-west of Melbourne: the Great Ocean Road. We were little unlucky with the weather, it was raining and very windy, and we had to drive through a storm..

13293018_10156972255635164_914111988_nBut when it finally cleared up, it was incredibly beautiful.
13288592_10156972255005164_1200166246_oThe Twelve Apostles. From the beginning of Great Ocean Road, there’s about 2 hours drive till The Twelve Apostles (3,5-4 hours drive from Melbourne). You can park your car at the Visitor center and walk down to The Apostles.
Many beautiful spots and lookouts on the way, we couldn’t stop at all so we had to pick – This is at Loch and Gorge. I liked this one, as you can park your car, walk down to the beach and enjoy the waves that are comming in… Peaceful :)


Adelaide (..and all the small country towns on the way back to Sydney!)

Adelaide was really nothing special (I can’t even find any interesting pictures from it to put up lol so the picture under is from a lookout we found while driving)
Anyway, we ended up having a great day there as we walked ourself into a food and beer festival “Tasting Australia”. Enjoyed the festival, good weather, and walked around in the city before we started our drive towards Sydney.13288962_10156972255765164_1131996333_nOn the way, we stopped in a few small country towns to sleep over (as the drive from Adelaide to Sydney is aprox 15 hours) – one of them was Renmark.
If you’re not into beer and/or wine, you should probably just keep driving, as that was the only thing we could find to do in Renmark- visit some breweries/wineries.
We went to The Woolshed Brewery, and it was really good. 20 minutes drive from Renmark, easy to find and really good beer :) AND while tasting beers, you get to enjoy the view of Murray River – which is Australias Longest River (+ 1000000 cockatoos and 1 Pelican…)
13288954_10156972255065164_1963353283_nRenmark had lots of river cruises and houseboats. If I ever go back (which I probably wont..) it would be so cool to rent a houseboat for a few days and just chill on the riverside! :) Would be a different and fun experience!
Just had to take a picture of this houseboat… I guess, Why rent one when you can build your own..? 😉
13285864_10156972255155164_1795999871_nAND The freedom of driving – you can stop wherever you want. I love driving in Australia as there are no limits of what you will see and meet on your way! All from nice beaches, huge cliffs with big waves comming in, cities, green valleys…and before you know it, you’re in the middle of NOWHERE – with no cars, no houses, no people, NOTHING – just you and the wildlife.. and beautiful sunsets! <313285865_10156972256880164_1969248644_nOut of experience after a few road trips in this Country: Be careful when driving at night. It can be very dangerous as there’s A LOT of kangaroos out there, and they are difficult to spot in the dark… AND remember to fill up your car with fuel when you see a gas station… You never know how far it’s till the next one 😉

We booked all accomondation through – the same afternoon as we arrived the place. We might have been lucky as it’s low season atm, as we had no problems at all finding a place to stay for the night – but might be smart to plan A BIT more then we did if you’re going during the summer :)

Hope you got some tips, and feel free to get in contact. I love to share travel experiences and get advises aswell, and if I can help with anything I’m more then happy to do so :)

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