What’s your excuse?

Am I the only one out there who has come up with a million excuses for myself, to justify that it’s ok not to take action?
Totally normal – Excuses that sounds completely logical, saying that it’s absolutely okay to drop what you should do, and that makes you wait for the “right time” to take action.

What’s your excuse?
Whatever the case is, whether it’s school, work, housework, exercise, perhaps you recognize any of these?
– I’m too tired right now, tomorrow will probably be better
– I have no time, too much to do already, maybe next week
– I have family and children, it will be better timing when the children get older
– I don’t have what it takes, I need to learn more before I start
– I’m not good enough to ……………, so it’s probably not for me
– I did very good last week, I worked really hard so now I deserve some time off
– I trained in the morning, so now I deserve to enjoy myself a little extra

blablablaa.. We use all these excuses to justify it for ourself, to feel better and still sneak in a little hope that what you want to achieve will maybe happend in the future, when “time is right”, because, yes – next week is the time to start!

And it sucks, because if there’s ONE thing you 100% surely will achieve with excuses, is NOTHING!

The time will unfortunatly never be right. you’ll never have enough time, you have to prioritize. You can never know everything before you start, you must learn as you go. And those qualities you think you don’t have to be successful, you actually have them in you, you just need to work on them! And the best time to start doing that, is NOW.
The sooner you recognize that the only thing standing between you and your goals, are the bullshit excuses you’re telling yourself, the sooner you can start reaching your goals.
You can start to eliminate your excuses, and take control of your mind and life. When a thought comes: “I’m too tired today”, you can stop that thought, and say to yourself: Shut up! I have lots of energy today and I WILL do it! TODAY!
Doing this will change your life, and you will definitely feel better about yourself when you see all the things you manage to get done, and proving yourself that you actually have EXACTLY what it takes to do anything you want to do!

I still work every day to clear out excuses from my mind – They disappear more and more for every week that goes by, and it takes less and less energy to get rid of them.
Working on eliminating my excuses has given me the freedom to do what I love most of all: to travel. When I want. Where I want. With whom I want. Incredibly grateful and very happy that I became aware that: the only thing that stood between me about my goals, yes, it was all nonsense excuses I told myself. (Photos from Thailand earlier this year) 
What’s your excuse??
Tips: Write them down! Becoming aware of what you tell yourself, is the first step towards the success you want for yourself and your future
– Berit

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