Mind your own business

It’s very easy, in life in general, to get the habit of always meaning something about what others are doing, and how they are doing it. If you’re one of those who are always sticking your nose into others businesses, you should become aware of this, and stop it. The reason is: There’s a big chance that this habit will destroy you, the way you look at yourself and your potential in life… Why?
– You start to compare youself with others.
– You start to compete with others.
– You start to worry about others problems.
– You start to judge and talk about others.
– You loose focus on your own business, on what YOU’RE doing and what you already have.

Why you should stop doing this, and how to turn it in to something positive
– First of all, when you compare yourself and where you are in life with others, it will make you feel like shit. Why? You will most likely compare you with someone you look up to, your idol, and compare your beginning to their middle… You forget the fact that they have once been where you are today, and it’s just the matter of time before you get there aswell. When you forget this fact, you will feel that you’re so far from where you want to be, and that you’re failing. So, just stop this NOW and instead, start to see the progress in you by comparing yourself with where YOU was one week ago, one month ago, one year ago! – and remember to enjoy the journey while working towards your goals !
– To be competitive is one thing, another thing is when you’re always trying to compete against others. It will bring you bitterness, negative feelings and you will start to wish for other people to fail. People really need to realise that there is more then enough out there for EVERYONE. You don’t have to compete, become better, or replace anyone to win! The only one you should ever compete with is yourself, to become a better version of you.
– About worrying: the best is ofcourse not to worry at all! Most of the things we worry about will NEVER happend, so worrying is a waste of energy. But, if you end up worrying, atleast spend that time and energy on YOU. What’s the point of worrying about what others are upto, and their problems?? It will only bring you one thing: STRESS! Unless someone pays you to worry for them, I suggest that you deside to stop it, and put your energy into something productive instead.
– I like this quote “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” Stop discussing others! It won’t lead to anything positive, and it’s a waste of time as no one cares about your opinion anyway.. If your life is that boring that you can’t find anything else to talk about then other people – find a hobby! Get up to something! Create your own life! So when you meet your friends you can share experiences and stuff you’ve been doing, instead of talking behind peoples back..
– ..And, just stop judging. There is a story behind every person and happening that you know nothing about. Remember “The rumors you hear about me, are as true as the ones I hear about you.”
– When you’re so interested and focused on what others are doing, it’s very easy to loose focus on your life, and to forget what you already have. You watch what THEY HAVE, and the only thing you can think of is that YOU need the same, so you can become as successful and happy as them. Start to look at others as an inspiration instead. Learn from them, pick up ideas and thoughts, and qualities they have that you want to develop and become better at. And always remember to stay focused on YOU. Remember to be grateful for what you already have. Remember how lucky you are, remember all the great people in your life, and remember all the qualities you already have within you.

Live your life, focus on being the best YOU can be. Focus on your progress and the positives in your life. What others are doing – let it be their business.. It will bring you peace, positivity, a better feeling about yourself and better results in whatever it is that you are working towards. – Berit wisdom-quotes-eleanor-roosevelt-quotes-gossip-quotes-Ops2Zz-quote

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