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It takes time to change habits and I’m really working on getting this site up going! Last weekend I wrote that I was going to blog ATLEAST once a week (every Sunday) and more if I have time. So, even if it’s late, here is an update from my last travel experience in SE Asia!
15216224_10157825375180164_1198641975_oSiem Reap & Angkor Wat, Cambodia – Most people travel to Siem Reap because of Angkor Wat. For me it was the opposite. Poor/no planning and a spontaneous choice was the reason I suddenly found myself in Siem Reap. And Thanks to social media and some traveller-friends I realised: ANGKOR WAT IS ONLY 15 MIN AWAY FROM ME! haha15271726_10157825374425164_546816685_o
Apart from Angkor Wat, there’s not much to do in Siem Reap. If you’re a “normal” traveller you won’t need more then a few days there + a few days to see the temples.15216131_10157825374305164_792145894_oYou can book a guided tour in advanced/from your hotel, but if you’re the type of person waking up in the morning thinking “today I wanna go to the temples” (like me..) you can super easily go to Angkor Wat with a Tuk-tuk – just walk out on the road and wait for it 😉
We paid $20 (you can probably get it cheaper) for a guy to take us from temple to temple, and he waited for us and drove us the whole day. This was genius, as the area is HUGE! A good idea could also be to hire bikes and bike around (we were going to do it but I guess the laziness took us… NEXT TIME!)
15205825_10157825374910164_1435215917_oIf you want to know more about the story of Angkor Wat you can hire a guide when you arrive the temple ($14? – Check his/her english first!! you don’t end up with a guid you can’t understand.. talking of experience here, hehe). The ticket itself to access all the temples was $20 (1 day) or $40 (2 days).

You buy the ticket/entrance pass on the way the way to the temples, your driver/guide will take you to the information center where you can get it (And yes, they take the photo for you, no need to bring any – just show up & smile… like me:P… )15205692_10157825533510164_505247651_oWhen I first heard about Angkor Wat I thought it was just one temple, but it’s actually a huge temple complex!! And all the temples are amazing and very different/unique. Really impressive – how it’s build and preserved, and was super cool to walk around, and inside the temples while woundering about how it was back then and how they did it! Really worth a visit, I can promise it will be totally different from any place or temple you have ever seen before! – Berit




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