Be very specific of what you want…

Be very specific and accurate about what you want – how you want your life to be, and look like.

Believe it or not, but it is actually up to YOU to decide. If you are not specific about what you want, you will actually end up with the “left-overs”, with something random, that no one else asked for.

Be absolutely clear when you define your goals – if you don’t know what you want, how can you expect to achieve it?
– Berit

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I’m back!

Hey, long time no see!

I’ve spent this summer back home in Norway. It’s been super nice, after almost 2 years away from home, to see friends and family. BUT, I’m going to be honest: It has not given me any inspiration at all to write or post on this blog. And if I’m not inspired, I’m not going to PUSH myself to post, just to post. I want this blog to be honest, real and I wanna write because I feel like writing, and are inspired. That is the only way I can inspire others aswell, which is the idea behind this blog!

The feeling is strange, when you go home after travelling. I’m sure all you nomads out there know exactly what I’m talking about – You feel so different, you get home and everything is exactly the same as when you left. And it’s strange because when you travel, 1 month out there is personally giving me more energy, inspiration, experiences and impressions then 1 year (OR MORE!) back home. Not saying that people back home have boring lives, not at all, BUT the normal life home is not for me. We are all different, and we want different things in life based on perspective and experiences. I want to travel :)

ANYWAY! I’M BACK OUT HERE!! YEY! Currently in Cambodia! And I’m feeling better then I have felt in a long time! SO, I’m getting back into this, wanna share travel tips, advices, thoughts about lifestyle, mindset and business – back to being inspired, and to inspire others (hopefully) <3  Thanks for dropping by, and also: Follow me on instagram/snapchat – beritvengan – for more updates inbetween my posts on this website!


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The Killer Excuse

I was reminded something important yesterday, and want to share. The killer excuse holding people back from reaching their goals and dreams: I don’t have time.

No one has time today! We live in a stressful, hectic world where everybody has to much to do. But, we all have 24 hours a day, so how does some people manage to make things happen, anyway??

What they want, what they are working for is IMPORTANT. They make time!
It’s all about having a structure, a plan. It’s all about habits.

Are you willing to work it out, and find time, to get what you want.. Is it important? – Berit


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When opportunity knocks…

..say yes!

I came across this quote the other day:
“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you’re not sure you can do it – say yes, and learn how to do it later”

And I just had to share it, as the loudest voices I had in my head when I desided whether or not to start my own business was: but, I don’t know how? Can I do it?
I was so close to back out just because of these stupid thoughts! I don’t even want to think about where I would have been today if I did!

So, if you are offered an awesome opportunity, look at it as starting a degree in School: you can’t know everything the first day, you have to learn! And as you learn about the business, you will find a way on how to do it aswell. With the right people, team and support – there will be no problem! Just trust that, say YES and get started! – Berit13887035_10154414337684066_1350713704204830740_n


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Earlier, I’ve never felt or understood how powerful and amazing teamwork can be!! But now I understand how unique this way of working is, and it’s the best way to go to reach your goals! An incredible, and amazing win-win situation for everyone!!!

It’s amazing to work with people who have the same mindset as you. A “winner” mindset.
Same beliefs. Same values.
Who are ambitious and want to create something for themselves and for others.
Who want to help others and have a good intention with what they are doing.
Who want an extraordinary life, and are willing to do what it takes to get there!
People who want to reach their full potential. and as a team we are building eachother up, and focusing on using eachothers strenghts!
Together we are sharing dreams. Setting goals.
Making plans and taking action together – achieving together.

On the top of this, I’m so lucky to be in a business where we are able to work with friends and family! To have fun while building an international, online business through social media! To have the freedom to work from ANYWHERE! The freedom to TRAVEL! <3
I have met and learned from so many amazing, super successful people! Down to earth, with great values, which I would never have met if it wasn’t for this business – that have not only become my business partners, but my best friends and “second family” aswell ??

I’ve never understood the power and positivity of teamwork before, and how great it can be. Now I do. And I’m grateful <3 GO TEAM! – Berit

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This freedom… I’m back in Asia!

Most people automatically set a goal in life when young, to buy their first apartment, their first car, and all these things that you grow up thinking that you should get. I used to be the same, because, that’s what everyone talks about: after school – work and save money so you can buy your first apartment…

I’ve been confused the last few years about what I want, after starting my own business my mind has been “fighting” between: “I wanna be free and do whatever I want”, and “I want to settle down and buy an apartment”. THEN a friend, which just bought his first apartment said to me: No one told me about this “trap”! Yes, I have my own place, but now I have to work to pay off my loan, and, I’m stuck here!
It’s not necessarily like this for everyone, but, for alot of people it is. And after this, I’ve realised that for now: I want to be free.

I’m not writing this to tell you that this way of living is “wrong”. and I’m not trying to tell you how you should live your life – What you want is up to you, and we all have different desires in life and different ideas of how we want to live our lives.
I’m writing this because I keep getting in contact with people that are sick of their life, because they feel stuck. They feel trapped in a place they don’t want to be, and that they have to go to a job they don’t like, just to pay off their loans and bills. So, I’m writing this just as an inspiration, to share that it is possible for you to do what you want, even if the rest of society tells you something else… If you want a change in your life, stop thinking about it and DO SOMETHING!

For me, the freedom of having no loans, no dept and no house or car to take care of, has taken me to amazing places. I’ve met some beautiful people that will be in my life for forever, and I’ve learned so much about myself and life. I have the freedom to be wherever I want to be. There is no place I have to be tomorrow, or next week. I’ve been able to travel around, and I book my flights to new destinations just few days before depature. And I can stay as long as I want (if the visa allowes me ofcourse) – It’s like being on a never ending vacation. If I only travelled for this long, I would probably get tired and sick of this lifestyle. But because I’m bringing my work with me, I work aswell – so I never get bored! And if I do get tired, I can extend my stay and chill in my room for a few days without anyone telling me what to do.. And the most amazing thing for me is:
I can’t remember last time I woke up to an alarm.. I go to bed and I sleep for 6-7 hours and I wake up by the daylight through my window.. Grateful? YES.
Ofcourse I want a home later, and I want my own place – I’m just not willing to do it the “normal” way, to get that loan and be stuck somewhere to pay off my dept. I want my own place when I’m ready for it and can pay for it.
imageSo, I’m back in Asia again for a while. Back to the good, relaxing vibes, hot weather and tasty, cheap food! Ended up with a not planned weekend in Bali, which was awesome (for the third time this year! I love it) And now I’m in Bangkok, for the first time. Bangkok is a bit crazy but I like it – will write some tips and advises later..
So grateful for this freedom, and, yes, it’s far out of what used to be my comfortzone, and yes I’ve been doubting myself many times – but today I’m so grateful I’ve been pushing myself to overcome the fears and all the doubts  –  it’s the only way to get somewhere. If you want a change in your life, you have to change aswell. Just go for it! – Berit

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Two things you should expect, and accept in life

Whatever you do in life, there are two things you should expect. And the sooner you accept that you will have to face these two things, the easier it will be for you to get through it.

Yes. The first thing is challenges. I think the reason life is “so hard” for some people, is because they expect life to be easy. So when they meet a challenge they are SO SURPRISED, and it knocks them down. If you think it will be easy, that you will not meet any obsticals or challenges – it will soak up every time something “get’s in the way.”
If what you do is important for you, just be prepared for challenges. Just accept that you will meet them, and that you will have to leave your Comfortzone.
Change your mindset, and start to enjoy and appreciate challenges when you meet them. Enjoy the feeling of finding solutions, and love when you get to prove yourself that you can do it! That you can face anything you meet, and get out of it with more experience then you had before! Enjoy being uncomfortable by knowing it makes you grow! And when you’re in the shit – just learn from it, rather than to feel negative about it.
Everyone feels fear and discomfort in new situations. The difference with humans is that some knows fear is just an illution, and that they get pass it just by staying in it, and by pushing their limits  – while others let fear Controll them and decide not to grow.
And you know what? Nothing worth having comes easy! So be ok with challenges, and let them create your new comfortzone. You can not get anywhere without them!
image2) FAILURE
Just know and accept that you will fail. Know it’s normal. And you will do it many times. You will look stupid, and people will probably laugh at you. Do you think anyone with success just walked right up to where they are today? Nope, They didn’t … Everyone have their story, and you have to walk yours!
You have to face failure to be successful in whatever it is you want to accomplish –  you must fail to understand, to learn how to do it, how it works and to get better at it!
The only real failure you can make, is to continue doing over again what didn’t work. When you fail, write down what worked, and what didn’t. Write down what you did that was good, and where it went wrong – And next time, you are prepared and can use your experience to handle similar situations better.

Accept this, be grateful for every challenge you meet, for every “failure” you go through – learn from all of them, grow with them – and the journey towards your goal will be POSITIVE & FUN! – Berit

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