Sometimes it’s good to just let go..

Have you thought about this before? Is it your left brain or right brain that is more dominant? Shaping who you are, your personality and your life?

What does it mean? “left” or “right”?
– Left-brain people are more systematic and organized. They want to be in control, they love the familiar and to feel “safe”.
– Right-brain people are more creative and open minded. They are passionated, want to have fun and have a free spirit!

I believe that it’s good to have the left brain there (haha ofcourse..) BUT I do also believe if you can let go of some of that “Always in control” part, of always have to be systematic, organized and logical – you’re life will change.

Personaly, I think I been fighting between these two my whole life. I love to be creative, free and I’ve always had a lot of ideas – but I have had a “problem” with my left brain – I have always wanted EVERYTHING to be perfect. Example:
– Since I started school, even since primary school – we used to get text books with grey paper. I HATED these books and I always made sure, in one way or the other, that I would get myself a different book then my classmates – a book with WHITE paper. And I hated to write with a pencil, I always wanted a pen because it looked nicer and cleaner. It started with just “I want a pen” – then it went to “I want a black pen”. I would not write in my white book if I did not have a black pen… And If I made ONE mistake when taking notes in my white paged book, with my black pen – I would not use correction fluid like other people – I would tear out the page and start over again (yes, also if I had wrote down the whole page.. AND on the back of the page..) Since primary school and up to High school – I did this.
– All the work I’ve done – I have ALWAYS Criticized myself, and there has always been things I could have done better or different. I have never told myself that: “hey, this was actually pretty goood!”

The last few years I’ve been working a lot with my mindset, and I’ve realised these “perfection” thoughts I’ve had, have been holding me back a lot and are actually very exchausting! I have always “knew who I am” – and if you are like this, you will never grow because you’re holding on to the past, and who you used to be.

SO I desided to start to LET GO!! Why? I wanted a change in my life.
It’s been a challenge, to write with a red pen in my schedule.. haha!!! – nah, that’s a joke, but It’s been hard for me to stop trying to make everything perfect, and to let go of the thoughts about who I am (used to be), so I could start to grow as a person. But day by day it gets easier and easier – and right now I feel I’m in control over my mind!

The feeling of letting go of parts of the left-brain has given me a different life. More freedom, flexibility, better thoughts and more confident about myself and the work I’m doing (I actaully think the work I do is pretty awesome, haha!) and this was something that I was never satisfied with before!! Less drama, less stress. Changing my mindset and seing things from a different perspective has open up my mind for opportunities I didn’t even know existed! I have learned to understand other people better, and others actions. I have started to feel more grateful, positive and happy, about everything I have, my family, friends, my health, my life and opportunities I’ve been given. I have stared to grow as a person, caring more about others, and genuinely want to make an impact and difference in others people lives (yes this became a bit clishe, but it is what it is..)
I have faced a lot of challenges the last few years, and by doing that I now know I can handle anything – and because of this I have opened up to receive whatever the world brings on, and I’m ready to face it! I feel free and more independed.
After starting to think like this, I’m actually excited about challenges and “problem” solving, and I need it in my everyday life so I can grow and have fun!!! I can NEVER EVER EVER go back to that “safe” enviroment I used to be in – I can’t even imagine doing that! I would be so bored and restless!!!!!
So happy right now and, even if it’s been work to change my thoughts – it’s been so worth it, and I would do it all over again if I had to! And will ofcourse I will keep growing from here :)

You can not change your thoughts and mindset over night – but time will pass by anyway so why not start today? When you start telling yourself something, over and over again – Sooner or later you brain will believe it, and it will become your reality, and who you are.

I’m so grateful for all of the people whos been guiding me through this, THANK YOU <3
…And if you’re reading this, and are one of those who feel that the “left-brain” are holding you back.. I suggest you make a decision, and start to let go..


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I Challenge YOU!

imageWe are all humans, and the fewest of us wake up feeling Super empowered and happy every single morning (or, at least tha’ts not what’s happening for me every day..) So why does it seem like some people are always happier and more satisfied then others??

It all comes down to your thoughts. ONE positive thought can change your whole day.
This doesn’t happend by itself. You have to DESIDE. Not only once a month, or once a week – You have to deside EVERY MORNING, EVERY SINGLE DAY: whatever feeling you wake up with, you’re going to turn it around into something great.

Start Now! Deside that today will be great. Deside that today, you’re going to feel happy and grateful. Deside that you will block all the negativity away so it doesn’t come in your way for you to have a great day. If you meet any naysayers – Instead of letting their negativity impact you – try to impact them instead! Pass on your positive energy! Maybe today, you will not only make your day great, you might even make someone elses day great aswell!:)

This is easier said then done – I know – but it’s possible, and the more you practise this, the less energy it takes to do it. So, what is a good way to get started doing this..?

For me, it’s easier to turn my days around when I start the day with something that gives me energy.

imageThe best way to start the day for me is to watch the sunrise.
It makes me feel alive, it makes me feel grateful for everything I have in my life, and it makes me feel powerful.. It helps me deside, whatever feeling I woke up with, that this day, is going to be AMAZING! (How can it not be, when watching sunrise with my new mate 😉 All pictures are from Koh Lipe, Thailand!)


Write down what gives you energy, what makes you happy – and do that for 10-15 minutes, every single morning this upcoming week – and see what happens when you start off the day with good thoughts :)

– Berit

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Be a Tim..

I really don’t understand why everyones trying SO HARD to fit in and to be liked and accepted. Everyone wants to look the same, be the same and do the same??
If you’re happy doing that, thats ok, keep doing what you’re doing!
But so many are not, and still, they continue on with their lives doing the same day in and day out. Why? I guess because that’s just what everyone else does, right 😉 ? Hehe

It’s a bit funny, but I find it sad at the same time. People stay unhappy just to please others. To fit in.

Whatever you do in life, people will judge you ANYWAY! People will always mean something about you, and what you’re doing. Or what you’re NOT doing. Doesn’t matter, it will always be SOMETHING about you. Or if there is nothing about you, people will most likely make something up to have something to talk about.

The last year I have learned that if you want to be happy, you have to stop pleasing others – and do what you want and what is right for you.
Be a Tim – Don’t give a shit 😉 And be happy! :)

– Berit

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How to get more done working from home

1) Get up and get ready like you’re going in to the office
This is where a lot of people fail when they start their own home based business, including me.
It’s so easy to sleep in when you’re Working from home, specially if you’re one of those (like me) that loves to sleep and could stay in bed the whole day. No matter how good bed is – if you want to make your home based office work, you need to get up and get ready like you’re going to the office.
Of course you can have days now and then when you don’t dress up – but the days I wake up, get dressed and fix my hair&makeup, are always the days I get most done. It’s all about creating good habits. Get a structure on your day.

(Tips to get out of bed easily: create a dreamboard/visionboard so you know what you’re working for! And when you’re out: Make the bed so it’s not that easy to jump back in.)

2) Have a place to work from
Wherever in the world you are, have a place to work from.
I’ve been travelling and moving around a lot while building my online business – and I can really tell a difference from the hotels/apartments I have stayed where I have had a desk vs the places I have not had one.
If you end up just sitting in your sofa, at the dining table ++ you might start to do other things during your “office” hours: you might see the laundary that you should have done yesterday, or look over at the kitchen bench that is full off stuff you should have cleaned up ++ You can’t focus!
If you set up an “office”, you will sit down and think: Ok, now I’m going to work…


3) Have a plan, set deadlines
When you’re your own boss it’s up to you to get things done. And to get things done you need a plan and deadlines.
If you wake up without a plan – There is a big chance (my experience) That you will waste time on other stuff.. You wake up and don’t really know what you’re up to, so you might aswell sleep a few extra hours, or go and meet some friends, do some extra classes at your gym – and before you know it, the day is over…
If you have a plan, and know exactly what you’re going to get done – you will wake up, and get started on your “To Do” list.

4) If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it First Thing in the morning

When you have your plan ready, It’s so easy to put off the things you don’t like doing, till the end of the day. What will happend in the end of the day is most likely this:
– You don’t have any time left to do it, and you will make up an exuse for yourself so you can justify it: “I did all this other work today, so I guess it’s ok to putt it off untill tomorrow”
– OR If you still have time – you’re tired from all the other things you have done and are not focused like you were in the early morning when you started working – so even if you get the tasks done, it might not be done 100%, and you might not get the results you expected either. This is bad because very often, the tasks that we keep putting in the end of our list, are the most important tasks that will move your business forward!
SO – “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the BIGGEST one first.”


5) “You” time
Some people think working all day will make you more productive. It will not. Choose your hours, and choose those hours you know you are most productive – and work them!
In between – allow yourself to have a break, go for lunch, meet some people – have some YOU time where you turn off all work and think about something else.
Even if you’re super busy, and don’t feel like you have time for this – try – I think you will see that you actaully get more done by taking this break!
Whatever gives you energy and recharges your batteries – Go for it!

Hope this was helpful! These #5 are still helping me to stay focused and to work against my goals as my own boss. Not only from home, but also when I’m out travelling -Berit

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Are people telling you you can’t do it?

When I started my own business, people around me started telling me what I should and should not do. Have the same thing happend to you? Are they:
-Telling you that what you want will never happend?
-Telling you it is a huge risk, that you will loose money?
-Telling you that you’re just another out of so many trying, and it’s a very small chance you will make it?
-Telling you that it’s just a scham?
-Telling you that your naive for believing?
-Telling you you can’t do it?

People are telling you this because they mean well, so don’t get upset with them – just see it as a sign that they care about you! BUT: Who you deside to listen and take advises from, is up to you.

I have one rule, one question for myself before I take advises from anyone:
– Does this person have the kind of life and freedom that I want?
If the answer is no (which it happens to be a lot of times) I’ll just take what the person is saying as a well ment advise, but I’m not going to LISTEN to it.
In my case: I want financial freedom, I want a life without any loans or debt, I want an extraordinary life, I want to travel and be free – If I talk with a person that is stuck in a job he/she hates, has a huge loan/debt, and never travels or have the other things I want in my life, and this person tries to tell me what to do – Why would I EVER listen to and take advises from this person???

If you start asking yourself this question, you’re in control over who impacts you.

If I had listened to all the people trying to give me their “good” advises a few years back – I would have missed out on:
-Quitting my 9-5, Monday-Friday job
-Having my own business
-Moving back to Australia
-Having the freedom to work and travel
-Being on my way to become financial free
-Meeting HUNDREDS of new, amazing people
-Getting a better health, less stress
-Getting a positive attitude and mindset
-Helping others and making a difference
…and they told me I would loose..?
Be careful Who you deside to listen to and take advises from.. If you believe you can do it, you can.
– Berit


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Want to be your own boss?

How would you feel if you knew you would never have to have a JOB again? Would it be nice if you could “fire” your boss?? So you could be your own instead, and never again go into the office every Monday?

Does these thoughts make you excited? keep reading!

imageA few years ago, I had no idea what to do with my life. After I finished High School, everyone around me went to University or started to work. I wanted something else, I just didn’t know what or where to start.
I ended up going to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. This changed my life. I lived a life with a freedom I had never experienced before. I travelled, Had casual jobs, met people, had fun and learned so much more about myself and life, then I ever felt I did back in school.
In 2011, after 1 year on this Visa, I was broke, had no job and my Visa was running out. So, I saw no other option then to go home. Back to Norway. Back to reality. For the first time in my life, I started to work Monday to Friday, in a 9-5 job – And I hated it. I looked at the calendar, 2 weeks went by that felt like 2 years, and I asked myself: Is this what I’m going to do, the next 40 years of my life? Is this all life is about? I hated Mondays and looked forward to every weekend.. I felt like going to bed at night and stay there for forever.
I have always looked forward to be an adult, so I could make my own desitions and do what I wanted – but at this moment, I remember I felt that the saying “Dont grow up, it’s a trap” was true..

Then I was introduced to an online, international business. It didn’t take me long to deside if I should do it or not. For me, the thought of being free, working online over sosial media, after my schedule – was almost to good to be true! I saw that I would have to put in time and effort, and that it would take work to make it happend – something that was totally fine with me. I thought, I have to work anyway? So why not put in time and effort in my own business?

The company I’m with, has allowed me to quit my 9-5 job, to be wherever I want to be, work online through social media. The business has made it possible for me to follow my dreams, so in 2014 I went back to Australia, and been based in Sydney since.
Even if I work – and I work strange, and probably longer hours then a lot of my friends, but because I’m so passionated about what I’m doing, because I love the people I work with, and because I’m having so much fun building my business, for my life and my future – I feel like I’m on a never ending vacation!

My passion is travelling – How would you feel if you could book a one way ticket to a new country, and stay as long as you wanted? Wouldn’t it be awesome?? That is one thing this business has done for me! The last few months (nov.2014-feb.2016) I’ve been to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and atm I’m in Malaysia! After this I’m meeting a friend in Thailand, then catching up with a few friends in Bali before returning to Sydney – I NEVER Thought a normal person like me could have a freedom like this..

I’m sharing this, because I know there are so many young people out there, with the same thoughts about Work and life as me. Maybe you are stuck in a job you don’t want to be in, in a place where you don’t want to be.
Also, the security around having a job is not the same today as it used to be. It’s hard to find a job today, and even if you do – are you 100% sure your job will be there tomorrow..? Do you have a plan B?

The only reason I’m not there anymore, is because someone told me something else excisted! Teached me how to create an income, without being employed or without having a boss! Am I Grateful? Oh yeah!!! And thats the reason why I’m sharing.
The reason this is possible today, is because the WORLD IS CHANGING!! New doors and opportunities that we never knew about before!! It might be a good idea to think outside the box!
I know, with all my heart, that this is possible for you aswell. Why? Because I have it, and there is nothing special about me! The only difference between you and me, is that I’ve already made my desition. Other then that – we’re the same.

Are you hard working, passionated about life, travelling, meeting people and want something else then a Monday- Friday, 9-5 job for the next 40 years? Do you have a dream? And do you want to put in time and effort in YOUR business? Feel free to get in touch with me. Always nice to connect with like minded people, and maybe we can help eachother out.

If you want something else then what you’re having, the timing is NOW! All you need is Wifi & a Dream!!

– Berit

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