…2014, just found this pic on my old phone! I had just moved back to Australia, and was finally reunited with my mama Alison Corrigan ! ❤️ I had just quit my last 9-5 JOB – when I walked out that door, I closed it, and promised myself that I will never be employed by anyone else again!?
3 years later, looking back at this picture: I was so happy! But also, I was scared, I doubted… what if things didn’t work out?? What if, what if… Grateful I decided to trust myself, that I decided to make it work! To make it happen! grateful I took the chance and grateful for those of you who believed in me, before I did. Thank you ❤️

“If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it”..your mind is the only limitation you’ve got! ?? Happy weekend peeps

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Excuses or Results??

excusesTo Succeed is a choice – you can have results or Excuses – you can’t have both;)! What do you choose ??

The scariest part when it comes to excuses (my own experience) is that they sound SO LOGICAL!! You make excuses so you can “justify” for yourself why it’s ok not to take action, or why it’s ok not to leave your comfort zone to go after what you want – because, it’s much easier to just be right where you are. It’s safe. It’s comfortable… and with a “good excuse”, you’re excused too; P hehe, this is SCARY !!!!! DO NOT GET LOST HERE! TAKE ACTION! GO FOR RESULTS so you can reach your goals and dreams – you’re going to feel much better tomorrow !!! <3

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Who cares about what you have to do…

If you came across an idea or business that would give you exactly what you want in life if you just did the work.. Would you really care about what the job was?? Or how many hours you would have to put in??  15585127_10157940161655164_4206900228794285993_oWho cares what you have to do, if it means that you can live your dream !  ..AND at the same time have FUN, get new friends, develop yourself, travel, start to live life on your terms and spend more time on what’s important for YOU! Feel free to get in contact for FREE Business information <3 Berit

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When opportunity knocks…

..say yes!

I came across this quote the other day:
“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you’re not sure you can do it – say yes, and learn how to do it later”

And I just had to share it, as the loudest voices I had in my head when I desided whether or not to start my own business was: but, I don’t know how? Can I do it?
I was so close to back out just because of these stupid thoughts! I don’t even want to think about where I would have been today if I did!

So, if you are offered an awesome opportunity, look at it as starting a degree in School: you can’t know everything the first day, you have to learn! And as you learn about the business, you will find a way on how to do it aswell. With the right people, team and support – there will be no problem! Just trust that, say YES and get started! – Berit13887035_10154414337684066_1350713704204830740_n


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Two things you should expect, and accept in life

Whatever you do in life, there are two things you should expect. And the sooner you accept that you will have to face these two things, the easier it will be for you to get through it.

Yes. The first thing is challenges. I think the reason life is “so hard” for some people, is because they expect life to be easy. So when they meet a challenge they are SO SURPRISED, and it knocks them down. If you think it will be easy, that you will not meet any obsticals or challenges – it will soak up every time something “get’s in the way.”
If what you do is important for you, just be prepared for challenges. Just accept that you will meet them, and that you will have to leave your Comfortzone.
Change your mindset, and start to enjoy and appreciate challenges when you meet them. Enjoy the feeling of finding solutions, and love when you get to prove yourself that you can do it! That you can face anything you meet, and get out of it with more experience then you had before! Enjoy being uncomfortable by knowing it makes you grow! And when you’re in the shit – just learn from it, rather than to feel negative about it.
Everyone feels fear and discomfort in new situations. The difference with humans is that some knows fear is just an illution, and that they get pass it just by staying in it, and by pushing their limits  – while others let fear Controll them and decide not to grow.
And you know what? Nothing worth having comes easy! So be ok with challenges, and let them create your new comfortzone. You can not get anywhere without them!
image2) FAILURE
Just know and accept that you will fail. Know it’s normal. And you will do it many times. You will look stupid, and people will probably laugh at you. Do you think anyone with success just walked right up to where they are today? Nope, They didn’t … Everyone have their story, and you have to walk yours!
You have to face failure to be successful in whatever it is you want to accomplish –  you must fail to understand, to learn how to do it, how it works and to get better at it!
The only real failure you can make, is to continue doing over again what didn’t work. When you fail, write down what worked, and what didn’t. Write down what you did that was good, and where it went wrong – And next time, you are prepared and can use your experience to handle similar situations better.

Accept this, be grateful for every challenge you meet, for every “failure” you go through – learn from all of them, grow with them – and the journey towards your goal will be POSITIVE & FUN! – Berit

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What story are you telling yourself?

imageWhat is holding you back from living your life to the fullest? To reach your full potential??

When I have had no progress in my life – it’s always ME, and ONLY ME!!, standing in my way!
Me, and the bullshit I keep telling myself – “this is not for me”, “I can’t do this”, “I don’t know enough”, “I’m not the right person”, “I don’t have what it takes”, “What will other people say”, “What if I fail?”, “I don’t have the right qualities” Blablablaaaaaa BULLSHIT!

Get rid of all these thoughts! Stop telling yourself all these BULLSHIT STORIES – they are stopping you from getting where you want to be!

I have one GOLDEN RULE for my self-talk:
– Only tell yourself what you would say to your friends.
If you told your friend “nah, don’t think you can finnish that master degree, you should just quit.. ” – Do you think you would have many friends left?? I don’t think so!!
Fix your self-talk, start being nice to yourself, appreciate all the good qualities you have instead of focusing on the negatives – Believe in yourself the way you believe in your friends. MAGIC will happend!!

Have a great Monday <3 And today, and everyday from now, start to tell yourself that you are AWESOME and can accomplish whatever you set your mind to!! No more Bullshit! 😉


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