Two things you should expect, and accept in life

Whatever you do in life, there are two things you should expect. And the sooner you accept that you will have to face these two things, the easier it will be for you to get through it.

Yes. The first thing is challenges. I think the reason life is “so hard” for some people, is because they expect life to be easy. So when they meet a challenge they are SO SURPRISED, and it knocks them down. If you think it will be easy, that you will not meet any obsticals or challenges – it will soak up every time something “get’s in the way.”
If what you do is important for you, just be prepared for challenges. Just accept that you will meet them, and that you will have to leave your Comfortzone.
Change your mindset, and start to enjoy and appreciate challenges when you meet them. Enjoy the feeling of finding solutions, and love when you get to prove yourself that you can do it! That you can face anything you meet, and get out of it with more experience then you had before! Enjoy being uncomfortable by knowing it makes you grow! And when you’re in the shit – just learn from it, rather than to feel negative about it.
Everyone feels fear and discomfort in new situations. The difference with humans is that some knows fear is just an illution, and that they get pass it just by staying in it, and by pushing their limits  – while others let fear Controll them and decide not to grow.
And you know what? Nothing worth having comes easy! So be ok with challenges, and let them create your new comfortzone. You can not get anywhere without them!
image2) FAILURE
Just know and accept that you will fail. Know it’s normal. And you will do it many times. You will look stupid, and people will probably laugh at you. Do you think anyone with success just walked right up to where they are today? Nope, They didn’t … Everyone have their story, and you have to walk yours!
You have to face failure to be successful in whatever it is you want to accomplish –  you must fail to understand, to learn how to do it, how it works and to get better at it!
The only real failure you can make, is to continue doing over again what didn’t work. When you fail, write down what worked, and what didn’t. Write down what you did that was good, and where it went wrong – And next time, you are prepared and can use your experience to handle similar situations better.

Accept this, be grateful for every challenge you meet, for every “failure” you go through – learn from all of them, grow with them – and the journey towards your goal will be POSITIVE & FUN! – Berit

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All you need to stay in Asia for 5 months

November 2015 I travelled to Asia to be a guest in my friend’s wedding. The plan was to stay a few weeks extra after the wedding, maybe for a month. I therefore packed a VERY small bag to bring with me, and left the rest of my baggage in Sydney.
I fell inlove with Asia. The cultures, the vibes, the food, the weather… EVERYTHING! Working online has given me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world as long as I have wifi – and that’s how a 1 month trip with a small backpack to Asia, turned into a 5 months stay instead…
Most people I met along the way, specially girls, asked: How have you managed to travel with that small backpack for so long? What do you have in there??? HOW MANY BIKINIS? haha..

So, here comes the post: All you need to stay in Asia for 5 months (OR LONGER!)

– Underwear
– 1 bikini
– 2 shorts
– 10 tops & tshirts
– 3 dresses (yup, I had my wedding dress in there aswell;))
– 2 skirts
– 1 pants
– 1 jacket
(You get quite a few different outfits of this actually! And for those of you who are tired of the struggles of “What should I wear?? I have NOTHING to wear!!” when going out – this is the solution. Trust me, been a pleasure to get dressed – “either this one, or this one..” lol ;))

For work:
– Ipad with keyboard
– Schedule/ideabook
– Postits (I can’t live without them ;))

Other stuff:
– Toiletries & makeup
– Music speaker
– Headset
– Charger
– Sunglasses
– Passport, insurance cards/papers, extra creditcards +++
– 1 pair of shoes (CONVERSE <3)
– Flipflops
– A Sarong for the beach (use towels from your hotel)
+ A Small Hand Bag for money and phone+


Thats it!
For those who have known me for a while, and know how I used to be, probably think this is a lie. Just a few years back I would probably have packed 15 pairs of high heals and 20 different dresses just for a weekend trip.. And back then, if someone told me I would do this, and live like this – I wouldn’t believe it.
BUT It’s the most fantastic and fun thing I’ve done, so easy and simple! It has been so insanely AWESOME to be free from all the STUFF that doesn’t really matter anyway.. So when I came back to Sydney and picked up my baggage, I actually went through all my stuff and sent almost everything home, back to Norway to my parents.
I love this lifestyle and think it’s something everyone should experience. Just to feel how awesome it is not being attached to materialistics at all – Berit


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Mind your own business

It’s very easy, in life in general, to get the habit of always meaning something about what others are doing, and how they are doing it. If you’re one of those who are always sticking your nose into others businesses, you should become aware of this, and stop it. The reason is: There’s a big chance that this habit will destroy you, the way you look at yourself and your potential in life… Why?
– You start to compare youself with others.
– You start to compete with others.
– You start to worry about others problems.
– You start to judge and talk about others.
– You loose focus on your own business, on what YOU’RE doing and what you already have.

Why you should stop doing this, and how to turn it in to something positive
– First of all, when you compare yourself and where you are in life with others, it will make you feel like shit. Why? You will most likely compare you with someone you look up to, your idol, and compare your beginning to their middle… You forget the fact that they have once been where you are today, and it’s just the matter of time before you get there aswell. When you forget this fact, you will feel that you’re so far from where you want to be, and that you’re failing. So, just stop this NOW and instead, start to see the progress in you by comparing yourself with where YOU was one week ago, one month ago, one year ago! – and remember to enjoy the journey while working towards your goals !
– To be competitive is one thing, another thing is when you’re always trying to compete against others. It will bring you bitterness, negative feelings and you will start to wish for other people to fail. People really need to realise that there is more then enough out there for EVERYONE. You don’t have to compete, become better, or replace anyone to win! The only one you should ever compete with is yourself, to become a better version of you.
– About worrying: the best is ofcourse not to worry at all! Most of the things we worry about will NEVER happend, so worrying is a waste of energy. But, if you end up worrying, atleast spend that time and energy on YOU. What’s the point of worrying about what others are upto, and their problems?? It will only bring you one thing: STRESS! Unless someone pays you to worry for them, I suggest that you deside to stop it, and put your energy into something productive instead.
– I like this quote “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” Stop discussing others! It won’t lead to anything positive, and it’s a waste of time as no one cares about your opinion anyway.. If your life is that boring that you can’t find anything else to talk about then other people – find a hobby! Get up to something! Create your own life! So when you meet your friends you can share experiences and stuff you’ve been doing, instead of talking behind peoples back..
– ..And, just stop judging. There is a story behind every person and happening that you know nothing about. Remember “The rumors you hear about me, are as true as the ones I hear about you.”
– When you’re so interested and focused on what others are doing, it’s very easy to loose focus on your life, and to forget what you already have. You watch what THEY HAVE, and the only thing you can think of is that YOU need the same, so you can become as successful and happy as them. Start to look at others as an inspiration instead. Learn from them, pick up ideas and thoughts, and qualities they have that you want to develop and become better at. And always remember to stay focused on YOU. Remember to be grateful for what you already have. Remember how lucky you are, remember all the great people in your life, and remember all the qualities you already have within you.

Live your life, focus on being the best YOU can be. Focus on your progress and the positives in your life. What others are doing – let it be their business.. It will bring you peace, positivity, a better feeling about yourself and better results in whatever it is that you are working towards. – Berit wisdom-quotes-eleanor-roosevelt-quotes-gossip-quotes-Ops2Zz-quote

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What’s your excuse?

Am I the only one out there who has come up with a million excuses for myself, to justify that it’s ok not to take action?
Totally normal – Excuses that sounds completely logical, saying that it’s absolutely okay to drop what you should do, and that makes you wait for the “right time” to take action.

What’s your excuse?
Whatever the case is, whether it’s school, work, housework, exercise, perhaps you recognize any of these?
– I’m too tired right now, tomorrow will probably be better
– I have no time, too much to do already, maybe next week
– I have family and children, it will be better timing when the children get older
– I don’t have what it takes, I need to learn more before I start
– I’m not good enough to ……………, so it’s probably not for me
– I did very good last week, I worked really hard so now I deserve some time off
– I trained in the morning, so now I deserve to enjoy myself a little extra

blablablaa.. We use all these excuses to justify it for ourself, to feel better and still sneak in a little hope that what you want to achieve will maybe happend in the future, when “time is right”, because, yes – next week is the time to start!

And it sucks, because if there’s ONE thing you 100% surely will achieve with excuses, is NOTHING!

The time will unfortunatly never be right. you’ll never have enough time, you have to prioritize. You can never know everything before you start, you must learn as you go. And those qualities you think you don’t have to be successful, you actually have them in you, you just need to work on them! And the best time to start doing that, is NOW.
The sooner you recognize that the only thing standing between you and your goals, are the bullshit excuses you’re telling yourself, the sooner you can start reaching your goals.
You can start to eliminate your excuses, and take control of your mind and life. When a thought comes: “I’m too tired today”, you can stop that thought, and say to yourself: Shut up! I have lots of energy today and I WILL do it! TODAY!
Doing this will change your life, and you will definitely feel better about yourself when you see all the things you manage to get done, and proving yourself that you actually have EXACTLY what it takes to do anything you want to do!

I still work every day to clear out excuses from my mind – They disappear more and more for every week that goes by, and it takes less and less energy to get rid of them.
Working on eliminating my excuses has given me the freedom to do what I love most of all: to travel. When I want. Where I want. With whom I want. Incredibly grateful and very happy that I became aware that: the only thing that stood between me about my goals, yes, it was all nonsense excuses I told myself. (Photos from Thailand earlier this year) 
What’s your excuse??
Tips: Write them down! Becoming aware of what you tell yourself, is the first step towards the success you want for yourself and your future
– Berit

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“Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose”

This morning I had my coffee with this view of Bondi Beach. It made me think about the past.
If you told me, 5 years ago, when I first arrived Australia, when I was worried about my future and what I was going to do with my life – That in 5 years time I was going to have my own business. That I was going to live my dream – I would have said you were crazy..

When I first started to work towards my freedom, It was hard to believe it would ever happen! It felt so far away, and almost impossible. Then I re-learned something I always knew, but I didn’t know it was THIS important and powerful..

I re-learned to visualize.
As kids, most of us had dreams, and most of us were good at visualizing! What we didn’t know back then, was the power it actually has. Everything starts with a thought. An idea!
When I started to think back on happenings in the past, I found that most things I once wanted in life, that I visualized and lived BEFORE I had it – actually happend!

So, I started to believe in, and understand the power of visualization!
I saw myself being free, quitting my 9-5 job. I saw myself travelling the world, and going back to Australia. Some nights when I went to bed, I FELT the happiness of boarding the flight back to Sydney. It gave me real butterflies, like it was happening in the present.

Believe it or not, but what I visualized when I first started my journey, have started to take place!
My business has given me the freedom to quit my 9-5 job, and the opportunity to do what I love. It has so far taken me to the U.K, Spain, Hungary, Sweeden, USA , France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia… And I’m just getting started!
The experiences and memories I have been able to have over the last years are amazing. It’s been challenges on the way, of course! Nothing worth having comes easy, and it takes work – But in the end it’s all worth it – And I would start all over again if I had to. Visualization is where you start to create your world and reality.

“Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose” -Bo Bennet


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My only talent

I don’t have a Bachelor or Master degree. I don’t have any papers saying what I can do, or what I’m good at – But I do have something else, that I’m confident has helped me getting much longer then I would ever get with any degree alone: I never give up.

Giving up is the only thing that will stop you from reaching your goals. Just be prepared for the journey you have to go to get there, prepare for what you will have to face, and deside NOW that you will NEVER GIVE UP.

Be prepared for challenges. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable. Be prepared to fail. Be prepared to be judge. Be prepared for people laughing at you. Be prepared for doubts. Be prepared for days where you will feel like shit and want to give up. Be prepeard to get up, and keep going no matter what! Be prepared for late nights. Be prepared to work. Be prepared to WIN and to get the life and freedom you deserve! – Berit

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Why you don’t get support when you’re doing something “different”

After High School I had 1 year working and travelling in Australia – Then I came home to Norway and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. The only thing I knew was: I don’t want a normal Monday-Friday job, and I don’t want to go back to school..

I came across an online business, and with no idea HOW I was going to do it, I had a stomach feeling that it was right for me – so I got started. The hardest thing for me, when I started to tell people around me about my ideas and plans, was that most of the people I thought would support me, didn’t. I remember I felt so disappointed and sad…

After years, going against the “normal”, I’m totally fine with not getting support from everyone around me. Why?

I have found that the reason they don’t act supportive is not because they don’t care, or are bad people. It’s not because they don’t believe in me. And It’s not because they don’t want me to succeed, or because they try to “destroy” my dreams and plans..

It’s because they don’t fully understand. And that is nothing for me or you to be upset about.

People that loves you, and that don’t fully understand why you are doing what you are doing – are just showing that they care by telling you they are concerned. Take this as a good thing instead of being disappointed, and know that you don’t need anyones support to get where you want to be in life :)

Believe in yourself and go for it!
(And know that they will all come back and support you when you succeed ;)) – Berit
image(Sunset at Koh Lipe, Thailand with one of the beach dogs ;)lovelove)

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Who wants Change?

Most people have things they would like to change in their lives, But if you keep doing what you’ve always done – how can you expect different results?

To get a change, to get something different, YOU need to change aswell.. Are you willing to change to get what you want?


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Phuket, Thailand

I left Phi Phi Island last Saturday, and took a ferry over to Phuket. I’m currently at Patong Beach.

imageChillin on my balcony – Detoxing my skin while having a Kiwi Fruit Shake. I’m addicted to the Fruit Shakes here! LOVE IT
imageFor those who know me – You know I love dogs, and in Asia they are everywhere! Love to pet them, and they love when I do it 😉
imagePatong Beach – I think I’ve been spoiled with nice beaches the last few years. I like Patong, but I don’t LOVE IT. So if you’re going to Thailand, there are a lot of other beautiful places I would visit before going to Patong.


Lunch time at the beach. Getting some work done while waiting for my food :)

imageAnother Thailand Sunset <3 A bit cloudy, but still beautiful!

imageHope you all had a great day – if not, Another day is about to start, so make sure you make that one AWESOME :) -Berit

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