YEY! just had to share this! It’s awesome to have your own business and make money with great products, happy customers, and all that… BUT what’s even MORE AWESOME is all the other benefits the business I’m in has given me! One of them is -> FREE VACATIONS! 😀 WOHO! For one who LOVES to travel: can you imagine how AMAZING this feels? I have ALWAYS Dreamt of travelling to Cape Town, South Africa! AND NOW IT’S HAPPENING.. FOR FREE!!! So so grateful!


I’m also super grateful for the personal development this gives, not only for myself but it’s amazing to see other people grow aswell, by pushing limits and comfortzones. AND, the oportunity to cooporate and work together with great entrepreneurs and leaders – I have learned so much about myself and about other people. It’s been awesome so far, it’s been a journey, and this is just the beginning 😉 ! – Berit

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What do you need to succeed?

People have many ideas about what they need to become successful in life. I used to think that I needed a nice office, an expensive nice car, the right clothes, the newest phone and all the other things that seem to be important for everyone out there.. Then I realised, there is really only ONE THING you need to succed…
imageYou need YOURSELF. Thats it.
I have realised that the most important thing for my success is ME. I need my health, a good mindset and to take action EVERY SINGLE DAY to get where I want to be.

I have realised this by pushing my limits. I’ve been travelling around in Asia while building my online business for over 4 months now – with only this small backpack, my Ipad and my schedule/idea-book. It’s not about what you have or your surroundings – it’s about YOU.

Changing focus has really made a difference for me. And I believe it will do the same for you. Start to focus on YOU, take care of and love yourself – and whatever you want to achieve, doing this will bring you closer.

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