“What do you like so much about Southeast Asia?”

Okeeei – don’t know how many times I’ve got this question recently. The last year, I’ve ended up “living” in Southeast Asia for over 6 months in total (..still counting!), in 6 different countries, (going to be 7 next wednesday ;)) AND I LOVE IT. And for all of you who’s asking WHY? Here you go!

13 reasons I keep hanging around this Paradise!


  1. NO alarms, NO stress

    You wake up when you wake up. Usually because the sun rises or the rooster crows. Waking up naturally is unbelievably AWESOME and provides an absolutely fantastic start to the day. No stress

  2. You’re never late for anything
    If you were born 10 minutes too late ( or like me, 1 hour too late) – you would LOVE this place! Myself, I’m always super optimistic with time, and therefor I’m always running late! AND YES, I hear you, it’s disrespectful… – that’s why I live here! 😉 I guess this goes together with the one above: NO alarms, NO stress – when you’re meeting someone at 4pm, is more 4:30-45… so: never late for anything!!

  3. You can party in thongs…
    This should have been the top 1 reason on this list!!!! haha – I love my havaianas – and here, I never have to take them off! No dresscode when you’re going out for beers! Big + !!!!!!!

  4. Non materialistic – Happier life :)
    I’m just so tired of society when it comes to the pressure and focus on having the finest and most expensive things. They feed your brain with: you need to have this jeans, and that car, this brand, and the right shoes etc to be happy! We forget what really matters, and from my own experience – you reach a different type of happiness when you realise: THINGS ARE THINGS!!!!! They are dead, and in 10 years from now you will not remember and talk about your cool, new Iphone 7 that you had back in 2016 – you will remember and talk about the people, the experiences and everything you DID! not the stuff you HAD


  5. The People, culture and experience
    I love how the people here are so open, helpful and friendly. They talk to you (even if some of them speak little or no english) like you are a friend or even a family member. The culture is so relaxed and casual, and to learn and experience this just gives you a different perspective on the way you live, and life in general!

  6. Cheap awesome food – healthy!
    You get cheap, awesome and healthy food! I have never taken care of myself, my body and health like I’m doing in Asia. Fresh fruit & veggies – AND they are naturally grown! love it, and so does my body and brain.15126218_10157792971630164_15255550_o
  7. Cheap beer
    I’m not going to lie. I eat healthy so I can drink as much beer as I want. haha I love beer… Cambodia: 50cent… (my body and brain: not so much.. :P)

  8. …AND – you can get it when YOU want!
    Food, drinks, clothes, massage, girls, guys… drugs… haha jokiiing! 😛 ANYWAY, you get my point. You can get what you want, when YOU want it.15133679_10157793664280164_797828738_o
  9. Nature
    Beautiful beaches, montains, islands, villages and hidden, nice spots to explore! You NEVER run out of places to see, and all of them are different and unique in their own way!15152423_10157793664710164_1478312562_o
  10. Cats and dogs everywhere
    This is super convenient for me! I really miss having a pet, but when I travel as much as I do it’s almost impossible (nothing is impossible but would be a lot of stress, and take a lot of planing.. and I’m not a fan of any of them.. :P) SO – I love all the dogs and cats hanging around so I can pretend it’s mine for an hour or so. And they love me aswell… when I pet them..15145250_10157793664400164_1025486149_o
  11. Climate
    I hate to freeze. When I get cold my body HURTS, and my brain stops working! haha – BIG PROBLEM!!!!! I hate to get up in the morning, scrape ice off the car windshield and get chilblains because of it..
    So, this is simply perfect! I don’t mind rain, as long as it’s warm and I can walk out and get breakfast in just t-shirt and shorts..15134030_10157792972065164_622672338_o
  12. You learn to FEEL grateful!
    To be honest, I havn’t really FELT grateful until I visited Sout-east Asia for the first time November 2015. My life was good before, it always have been – don’t get me wrong – but the last year, my life has turned from good to great! And I’m  100% sure it’s because my mindset has changed. I’ve started to appreciate all the things that really matters in life, I have realised how lucky I am for having: my family, friends, health, my work and all the opportuinities I have in my life. Southeast Asia, the culture, the people, their way of living has really teached me something! I feel different and I have a different perspective. If I could, I would pass this feeling and perspective on to every single person I meet – but, it’s something you have to see, feel and experience yourself..

  13. Safety first!15184046_10157793663635164_1662918364_oKidding.No safety :P…

    ….GET IT ? (Except the last point!) Have you already been to Southeast Asia? Would love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment about your experience!!! And if you havn’t been yet, it’s about time 😉 !!– Berit

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This freedom… I’m back in Asia!

Most people automatically set a goal in life when young, to buy their first apartment, their first car, and all these things that you grow up thinking that you should get. I used to be the same, because, that’s what everyone talks about: after school – work and save money so you can buy your first apartment…

I’ve been confused the last few years about what I want, after starting my own business my mind has been “fighting” between: “I wanna be free and do whatever I want”, and “I want to settle down and buy an apartment”. THEN a friend, which just bought his first apartment said to me: No one told me about this “trap”! Yes, I have my own place, but now I have to work to pay off my loan, and, I’m stuck here!
It’s not necessarily like this for everyone, but, for alot of people it is. And after this, I’ve realised that for now: I want to be free.

I’m not writing this to tell you that this way of living is “wrong”. and I’m not trying to tell you how you should live your life – What you want is up to you, and we all have different desires in life and different ideas of how we want to live our lives.
I’m writing this because I keep getting in contact with people that are sick of their life, because they feel stuck. They feel trapped in a place they don’t want to be, and that they have to go to a job they don’t like, just to pay off their loans and bills. So, I’m writing this just as an inspiration, to share that it is possible for you to do what you want, even if the rest of society tells you something else… If you want a change in your life, stop thinking about it and DO SOMETHING!

For me, the freedom of having no loans, no dept and no house or car to take care of, has taken me to amazing places. I’ve met some beautiful people that will be in my life for forever, and I’ve learned so much about myself and life. I have the freedom to be wherever I want to be. There is no place I have to be tomorrow, or next week. I’ve been able to travel around, and I book my flights to new destinations just few days before depature. And I can stay as long as I want (if the visa allowes me ofcourse) – It’s like being on a never ending vacation. If I only travelled for this long, I would probably get tired and sick of this lifestyle. But because I’m bringing my work with me, I work aswell – so I never get bored! And if I do get tired, I can extend my stay and chill in my room for a few days without anyone telling me what to do.. And the most amazing thing for me is:
I can’t remember last time I woke up to an alarm.. I go to bed and I sleep for 6-7 hours and I wake up by the daylight through my window.. Grateful? YES.
Ofcourse I want a home later, and I want my own place – I’m just not willing to do it the “normal” way, to get that loan and be stuck somewhere to pay off my dept. I want my own place when I’m ready for it and can pay for it.
imageSo, I’m back in Asia again for a while. Back to the good, relaxing vibes, hot weather and tasty, cheap food! Ended up with a not planned weekend in Bali, which was awesome (for the third time this year! I love it) And now I’m in Bangkok, for the first time. Bangkok is a bit crazy but I like it – will write some tips and advises later..
So grateful for this freedom, and, yes, it’s far out of what used to be my comfortzone, and yes I’ve been doubting myself many times – but today I’m so grateful I’ve been pushing myself to overcome the fears and all the doubts  –  it’s the only way to get somewhere. If you want a change in your life, you have to change aswell. Just go for it! – Berit

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What’s your excuse?

Am I the only one out there who has come up with a million excuses for myself, to justify that it’s ok not to take action?
Totally normal – Excuses that sounds completely logical, saying that it’s absolutely okay to drop what you should do, and that makes you wait for the “right time” to take action.

What’s your excuse?
Whatever the case is, whether it’s school, work, housework, exercise, perhaps you recognize any of these?
– I’m too tired right now, tomorrow will probably be better
– I have no time, too much to do already, maybe next week
– I have family and children, it will be better timing when the children get older
– I don’t have what it takes, I need to learn more before I start
– I’m not good enough to ……………, so it’s probably not for me
– I did very good last week, I worked really hard so now I deserve some time off
– I trained in the morning, so now I deserve to enjoy myself a little extra

blablablaa.. We use all these excuses to justify it for ourself, to feel better and still sneak in a little hope that what you want to achieve will maybe happend in the future, when “time is right”, because, yes – next week is the time to start!

And it sucks, because if there’s ONE thing you 100% surely will achieve with excuses, is NOTHING!

The time will unfortunatly never be right. you’ll never have enough time, you have to prioritize. You can never know everything before you start, you must learn as you go. And those qualities you think you don’t have to be successful, you actually have them in you, you just need to work on them! And the best time to start doing that, is NOW.
The sooner you recognize that the only thing standing between you and your goals, are the bullshit excuses you’re telling yourself, the sooner you can start reaching your goals.
You can start to eliminate your excuses, and take control of your mind and life. When a thought comes: “I’m too tired today”, you can stop that thought, and say to yourself: Shut up! I have lots of energy today and I WILL do it! TODAY!
Doing this will change your life, and you will definitely feel better about yourself when you see all the things you manage to get done, and proving yourself that you actually have EXACTLY what it takes to do anything you want to do!

I still work every day to clear out excuses from my mind – They disappear more and more for every week that goes by, and it takes less and less energy to get rid of them.
Working on eliminating my excuses has given me the freedom to do what I love most of all: to travel. When I want. Where I want. With whom I want. Incredibly grateful and very happy that I became aware that: the only thing that stood between me about my goals, yes, it was all nonsense excuses I told myself. (Photos from Thailand earlier this year) 
What’s your excuse??
Tips: Write them down! Becoming aware of what you tell yourself, is the first step towards the success you want for yourself and your future
– Berit

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Back to KL

Back to KL after having a lot of fun in Thailand for Easter. Thailand has been amazing and I have absolutely found my favourite Island there – I’ll share it with you later!
On top of the beautiful beaches, sun, great food and culture, I Met up with a lot of friends from Norway that I havn’t seen for many years!


Kuala Lumpur is ok, but really, nothing special. Really hot, humid and no wind – and not really a lot to do. There are a lot of other places I would visit before going to KL if I had to choose. My reason for being here (AGAIN, actually the third time this year) is just to see a few friends, to work and relax a bit before my next destination :)
imageFollow me on snapchat for more updates : beritvengan
imageAnd, before I left Thailand, I did something I should have done for a long time ago – DIVING! Been more then 4 years since my last Dive! The visibility was SHIT, saw nothing and it was cold, haha, but was SO MUCH FUN to dive again! :)
imageWe went out from a place close to Patong Beach, Phuket. It was 2000 bath for 2 dives, 1000 bath for equipment – And on a “normal” day, they say these spots are amazing for diving! Guess we just came on the wrong day…
imageSo whats next? I’m the worst on planning while travelling – I love the freedom I have to take it as I go, so havn’t booked the ticket for my next destination yet – But I know where I’m going, and will update you when I get there  -Berit

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Phuket, Thailand

I left Phi Phi Island last Saturday, and took a ferry over to Phuket. I’m currently at Patong Beach.

imageChillin on my balcony – Detoxing my skin while having a Kiwi Fruit Shake. I’m addicted to the Fruit Shakes here! LOVE IT
imageFor those who know me – You know I love dogs, and in Asia they are everywhere! Love to pet them, and they love when I do it 😉
imagePatong Beach – I think I’ve been spoiled with nice beaches the last few years. I like Patong, but I don’t LOVE IT. So if you’re going to Thailand, there are a lot of other beautiful places I would visit before going to Patong.


Lunch time at the beach. Getting some work done while waiting for my food :)

imageAnother Thailand Sunset <3 A bit cloudy, but still beautiful!

imageHope you all had a great day – if not, Another day is about to start, so make sure you make that one AWESOME :) -Berit

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I just arrived…

When I first started this blog, I desided it would only be a blog to share my thoughts and ideas when it comes to mindset and business. But I have changed my mind :)

The REASON I started my online business in the first place, and ended up starting this blog, is my passion for travelling and my burning desire to be free. It’s a huge part of my life, so it feels right to share that on this blog aswell.

So I’m going to start to share more from my journey. Travel pictures, how I work, the good times, but also the challenges of being an entrepreneur – working for my goals and dreams.
Believe it or not – but it’s terifying for me to open up like this – it’s SO FAR OUT of my comfortzone… If someone told me 5 years ago I would sit here today, writing a blog…. No way..
But, I’m going to push my limits and do this anyway, to hopefully inspire some of you to go after what you want, and live your dream aswell..

And, I just arrived Koh Lipe, Thailand.
– Berit

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