Who cares about what you have to do…

If you came across an idea or business that would give you exactly what you want in life if you just did the work.. Would you really care about what the job was?? Or how many hours you would have to put in??  15585127_10157940161655164_4206900228794285993_oWho cares what you have to do, if it means that you can live your dream !  ..AND at the same time have FUN, get new friends, develop yourself, travel, start to live life on your terms and spend more time on what’s important for YOU! Feel free to get in contact for FREE Business information <3 Berit

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All you need to stay in Asia for 5 months

November 2015 I travelled to Asia to be a guest in my friend’s wedding. The plan was to stay a few weeks extra after the wedding, maybe for a month. I therefore packed a VERY small bag to bring with me, and left the rest of my baggage in Sydney.
I fell inlove with Asia. The cultures, the vibes, the food, the weather… EVERYTHING! Working online has given me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world as long as I have wifi – and that’s how a 1 month trip with a small backpack to Asia, turned into a 5 months stay instead…
Most people I met along the way, specially girls, asked: How have you managed to travel with that small backpack for so long? What do you have in there??? HOW MANY BIKINIS? haha..

So, here comes the post: All you need to stay in Asia for 5 months (OR LONGER!)

– Underwear
– 1 bikini
– 2 shorts
– 10 tops & tshirts
– 3 dresses (yup, I had my wedding dress in there aswell;))
– 2 skirts
– 1 pants
– 1 jacket
(You get quite a few different outfits of this actually! And for those of you who are tired of the struggles of “What should I wear?? I have NOTHING to wear!!” when going out – this is the solution. Trust me, been a pleasure to get dressed – “either this one, or this one..” lol ;))

For work:
– Ipad with keyboard
– Schedule/ideabook
– Postits (I can’t live without them ;))

Other stuff:
– Toiletries & makeup
– Music speaker
– Headset
– Charger
– Sunglasses
– Passport, insurance cards/papers, extra creditcards +++
– 1 pair of shoes (CONVERSE <3)
– Flipflops
– A Sarong for the beach (use towels from your hotel)
+ A Small Hand Bag for money and phone+


Thats it!
For those who have known me for a while, and know how I used to be, probably think this is a lie. Just a few years back I would probably have packed 15 pairs of high heals and 20 different dresses just for a weekend trip.. And back then, if someone told me I would do this, and live like this – I wouldn’t believe it.
BUT It’s the most fantastic and fun thing I’ve done, so easy and simple! It has been so insanely AWESOME to be free from all the STUFF that doesn’t really matter anyway.. So when I came back to Sydney and picked up my baggage, I actually went through all my stuff and sent almost everything home, back to Norway to my parents.
I love this lifestyle and think it’s something everyone should experience. Just to feel how awesome it is not being attached to materialistics at all – Berit


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