Alt starter med en ide!

IMG_5578 3Bare en kjapp update her fra hengekøya i Brasil! OG på norsk! Tar så mye ekstra tid å skrive på engelsk, og går konstant over og leser og finner gramatikk/skrivefeil som min perfeksjonistiske hjerne blir helt GÆR’N av. Så derfor prøver jeg meg på morsmålet istede, så skal jeg prøve å få lagt inn noe translate greier for engelsk.

ANYWAY – Den neste uka skal jeg våkne opp til det HER! Helt utrolig, føler meg så sykt heldig som har muligheten til å flakse rundt å gjøre som jeg vil. I tillegg er jeg så heldig å ha blitt kjent med så mye fine folk igjennom tidligere reising, som har en gjestfrihet uten like! SÅ, den neste uka koser jeg meg her, med brasilianske, fantastisk fine folk som bla skal ta meg med på Carnaval!!

Jeg får ofte hører at jeg er så heldig, og at mange kunne tenkt seg å gjøre det samme MEN(stort men!) det går jo ikke. Selvfølgelig ikke. Og det har jeg tenkt på, hvorfor går det for noen, men ikke andre??

Det handler om hva du tenker, og hva du tror. Alt starter med en ide. En tanke og en visjon om hva du vil. At du tror på ideen, også når alle andre ikke gjør det, og aldri aldri gir opp.

Da jeg først starta å tenke på hvor kult det ville vært å være sin egen sjef, styre livet selv , reise rundt og gjøre mindre av det jeg “måtte” gjøre, og mer av det jeg digger – føltes det EVIGLANGT unna. Neste uoppnåelig. Og det var jo det alle fortalte meg også: det er umulig.
Men jeg hadde et håp, jeg trodde på ideen, og digga tanken så mye at jeg ikke klarte å stoppe å tenke på det! Itillegg så jeg andre gjøre det, og tenkte: hvis de kan, hvorfor ikke meg? Og nå sitter jeg her.

Når jeg har fått det til, kan du. Så har du en ide, en visjon om hvordan du vil leve – du trenger ikke vite akkurat hvordan du skal komme dit – men tro på ideen, tro på deg selv og aldri aldri gi opp – da er det bare snakk om tid før du er akkurat der du vil være! <3 Berit

(add meg på snap/insta for updates under Carnaval!! @beritvengan)

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…2014, just found this pic on my old phone! I had just moved back to Australia, and was finally reunited with my mama Alison Corrigan ! ❤️ I had just quit my last 9-5 JOB – when I walked out that door, I closed it, and promised myself that I will never be employed by anyone else again!?
3 years later, looking back at this picture: I was so happy! But also, I was scared, I doubted… what if things didn’t work out?? What if, what if… Grateful I decided to trust myself, that I decided to make it work! To make it happen! grateful I took the chance and grateful for those of you who believed in me, before I did. Thank you ❤️

“If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it”..your mind is the only limitation you’ve got! ?? Happy weekend peeps

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YEY! just had to share this! It’s awesome to have your own business and make money with great products, happy customers, and all that… BUT what’s even MORE AWESOME is all the other benefits the business I’m in has given me! One of them is -> FREE VACATIONS! 😀 WOHO! For one who LOVES to travel: can you imagine how AMAZING this feels? I have ALWAYS Dreamt of travelling to Cape Town, South Africa! AND NOW IT’S HAPPENING.. FOR FREE!!! So so grateful!


I’m also super grateful for the personal development this gives, not only for myself but it’s amazing to see other people grow aswell, by pushing limits and comfortzones. AND, the oportunity to cooporate and work together with great entrepreneurs and leaders – I have learned so much about myself and about other people. It’s been awesome so far, it’s been a journey, and this is just the beginning 😉 ! – Berit

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Flexible office

People keep asking me how I work, do things, and how I grow my business and make it happen while I travel and explore the world at the same time. Therefore, I think it’s time to start and share more about this… First post up: MY OFFICE 16326317_10158126692510164_1747542788_o(For those who don’t know: I work in the Beauty and Health industry, online and over social media – feel free to check out our teampage: – Incredibly proud to be part of this awesome gang! <3) 

My office changes all the time, and I LOVE IT. Since I work online, the only thing I need to get my work done is wifi…I have built my business from my computer/phone/pad, around in Europe, Asia and Australia – in everything from straw cottages in SE-Asia, without aircon where I could only stay inside and work before 10am and after 6pm (..was not possible to BREATH inside between these hours!!!) ..with frogs coming up from the drain in my sink! (This was a crazy and fun experience, haha!)IMG_7140 2 hotel rooms “with a view” – that irl was bunkers, with NO WINDOWS!! …to great hotels and beachfront-apartments with no worries at all 😉 !15536624_1056436564503244_531210359_o

And yes, ofcourse, It can be challenging to move around, travel and at the same time stay focused on work and business. There’s a lot of distractions and it can be exhausting. but, LIFE IS FULL OF DISTRACTIONS AND CHALLENGES, and everything CAN BE EXHAUSTING! It comes down to if you’re looking for solutions, or problems? If there is a will, there is a way, right? 😉

.. I love this and are super grateful for being able to do it! I love the freedom, I love the changes and the flexibility <3

Would you like to have an office like this?? – Berit

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Merry Christmas from Vietnam!

Just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas !! Hope you’re enjoying yourself with friends and family, stressing down from the everyday life, and all the other things you “should have done”. Forget all the things you just HAVE to do, live in the moment and enjoy the people around you :)

I’m currently hanging around in Vietnam – not much xmas feeling for me, but I’m enjoying life, drinking a lot of Mango shakes and making plans for 2017 ! It will be a great year, with some great trips comming up to parts of the world I havn’t been yet, some awesome business plans and also new ideas/thoughts for this blog/site. Stay tuned <3 Berit

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Earlier, I’ve never felt or understood how powerful and amazing teamwork can be!! But now I understand how unique this way of working is, and it’s the best way to go to reach your goals! An incredible, and amazing win-win situation for everyone!!!

It’s amazing to work with people who have the same mindset as you. A “winner” mindset.
Same beliefs. Same values.
Who are ambitious and want to create something for themselves and for others.
Who want to help others and have a good intention with what they are doing.
Who want an extraordinary life, and are willing to do what it takes to get there!
People who want to reach their full potential. and as a team we are building eachother up, and focusing on using eachothers strenghts!
Together we are sharing dreams. Setting goals.
Making plans and taking action together – achieving together.

On the top of this, I’m so lucky to be in a business where we are able to work with friends and family! To have fun while building an international, online business through social media! To have the freedom to work from ANYWHERE! The freedom to TRAVEL! <3
I have met and learned from so many amazing, super successful people! Down to earth, with great values, which I would never have met if it wasn’t for this business – that have not only become my business partners, but my best friends and “second family” aswell ??

I’ve never understood the power and positivity of teamwork before, and how great it can be. Now I do. And I’m grateful <3 GO TEAM! – Berit

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